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It begins with a keystroke. Click. Then the world around me dissolves, like so much sand, falling apart…
Before my eyes, planets and stars. A blistering burst of canon fire flashes. A battle. Exploding ships and stations. Explosions ripping metal, ending lives, in silence. Blink…
A city. Oasis in a dessert. Bullets fly. Blood gushes. Rocket hits building. Rumble falls, bounces off a tank. Tank fires. Car destroyed. Pain. Blink…
Men screaming. Clad in armor; full plate, chainmail. Blues killing Reds. Reds killing Blues. Swords sing. Shield crash. Axes fall. Men die. The ground churned to mud. The dying trampled and drowned. Battle cries. Blink…
Mead hall. Cheers. Friends. Survivors. Victorious. Broken, beaten.
Salty spay on my face. Standing on the bow. Hand clenched around the last rope in fear of falling. The rest free and clear. Canon blasts. Pirates! Blink…
Tavern. Salty Wenches. More Cheers. Friends. Family. Music. Blink.
1920. Talk relaxed. Flappers. Liquor. Jazz. Quite class. Dancing fast. Blink…
A club. Music. Meh. Drink at the bar. More friends. More family. Blink.
Rave. Music heavy. Bass beats in my chest. Wrong. Right. Dancing into the Night. Head pounding. Nigh spinning. Her. Blink…
A couch. A piano. Close. Closer than ever before. Kiss. Softest thing. Blink…
A room. Cloths. Damn clothes. Too young. Lessons to learn. Blink…
Summer. Not close enough. Damn. Blink…
College. Night’s passion. Two nights. Three. Done. No harm no foul. Blink…
Just talking. Then something unexpected. Blink…
Night. Just talk. Blink…
Lounge. Movies. Best friend wing manning. Head on chest. Weight comfortable. Blink…
More movies. Body close. Smells good. Warm. Blink…
Black night. Red silk. White skin. Fangs flash. Blood rises. Sweet seductress. Ripping, tearing. All fall down. Blink…
Rain. Gray stone. Name carved. Tears. Buried 6 feet down. Blink…
No don’t blink. Doctor. Who? Still not ginger. Blink…
Amy. Blink…
Police Girl. Blink...
Alucard. So much blood. Screaming. Nazis. Blink…
I hate these guys. Blink…
Faces. Will not name them. Too many. Too horrible. Wish to harm. Wish to maim. Wish to kill. Red creeping in. Blink…
Black. A body. Horribly things done. Pieces missing. Good. Bad. So much blood. Blink…
So much more. Going too fast. Flashes. A girl. A woman. When do they change? Warm. Blood. Violence. Death. Love. Hate. Heart pounding. Chest rising. STOP.
Eyes open. Heart beats. Thump…
Again. Thump…
Me and the key board. The room the same. As if no time passed. Thump…
No time has…
It Begins with a Keystroke ( Blinks)
If you read, especially if you liked, please leave a comment below. If you don't know what to comment with; What was your favorite part/line/ technique?what seemed like it could be further refined? And, as always, please pardon my spelling mistakes. 
For my Friends:

It's been a while for a lot you,
since I've talked and shared,
the secrets of who
I am and for whom I've cared.

The truth is hard
and I dare say it isn't pretty,
We've all been on guard 
and right now I'm feeling kinda shitty

So I'm writing right now
just to give my mind a moment
to refocus on how
I'm gonna finish my commitment

I appreciate your reading,
I'm glad you've made it the the end.
I know know there wasn't much going,
but maybe there will be around the bend.

Thank you to all those who read and mind not my ramblings. 
Till better ramblings cross my mind,


Azrael, Lord of the Night
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I am the immortal vampire lord Azrael. I have ruled the night since time immemorial.

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